Hyra terminaltraktor med förare

Gösta terminaltraktorer

Our terminaltraktorer is specially developed and designed for the efficient and effective operation of the ports, terminals, distribution, and logistics centers, as well as industrial work sites. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor spaces, our terminaltraktorer is the perfect solution for your business needs and requirements.A terminaltraktor is mainly used in the tightest of environments in which the driver is, in many cases, the need to back in and out of narrow spaces with heavy loads. In order to ensure the high efficiency and safety are required, the speed, performance and reliability. A terminaltraktor of Gösta, the Trucks, you get a machine with a sound and slick design, with good visibility from the driver's cab, ergonomic controls, to the simple in-and-out access, and one of the industry's tightest turning radius. Our terminaltraktorer are created by, and for the oroperatörer.


Gösta's Truck Rental primarily focuses on rental, but together with our owners at Truckpoolen Göteborg AB, we can also offer leasing and sales.

Our terminaltraktorer is developed and designed with both the operator and the manager of the fleet of the mind. Everything is in the driver's compartment is arranged in order to ensure the highest level of security, convenience, and productivity.


We also sell and rent out the second-hand terminaltraktorer. It is an economical and environmentally friendly option is a great choice for a start-up or a growing business that is quick and cheap to develop in its members and activities in order to meet the demands and the needs that they have.

En begagnad terminaltraktor från Göstas går knappt att urskilja från en traktor i nyskick. Vi genomför nämligen en omfattande kvalitets- och funktionskontroll på varje enskilt fordon innan vi väljer att sälja eller hyra ut dem. Vi går igenom varje komponent och funktion i terminaltraktorn och åtgärdar eventuella brister genom att byta ut bristfälliga delar.

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