Loading and unloading with a Truck/Machine

Telescopic handler, or a forklift truck with driver

Regardless of whether you need to load, unload and lift the materials/goods, or persons, you have to do is give us a call and we will help you in your planning. With our wheel loader can we will solve all of your problems with ease. 

Our drivers have high experience and will help on site in the event of any questions of how to lift, unload, or load the material in a safe manner.

We also have the equipment that is best suited for the task, for example cranes, material basket, personell basket, winches or standard forks.

It may involve loading or unloading goods from a truck or a container and moving it to another location. 

You can utilize us from 2 hours up to however long you need, and we are meticulous about tailoring to your requirements. No complications, just give us a call or send an email.

tel: 031-50 01 05 

e-mail: bokning@gostas.se

Here are examples of areas where you can benefit from our services: 

  1. Construction sites: We assist you on construction sites by moving materials, unloading trucks, cleaning up debris, or lifting materials to higher floors.

  2. Industry: Moving heavy machinery or goods between different parts of the facility. Unloading or loading goods or lifting up gantries, etc.

  3. Warehouse: Do you need to rent a forklift for your warehouse work? We have forklifts available for rent.

In addition to rentals, we also offer, through our work with Truckpoolen Göteborg AB also, the ability to purchase or for rent, telescopic handlers. These machines are ideal for jobs that require precise control and confident handling of the cargo.


031-50 01 05