Corporate policy


Göstas Truckuthyrning AB ser det som en självklarhet att på bästa sätt tillvarata miljöintressen både vad gäller arbetsmiljö och yttre miljö. 

This is accomplished by conducting a goal-oriented and systematic environmental management, in order to constantly improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution. We will comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and other relevant stakeholders. 

Our range of products is characterized by a high standard, and should be developed in order to meet the ever-increasing demands on performance. 

Our business is characterized throughout by a high degree of environmental awareness and knowledge. It is the personal responsibility of all employees is maintained through the continuous development of education, information, and active involvement in environmental activities.

As we said before, here in the Gösta Truckuthyrning in Gothenburg, sweden. But those days are over. Now we know better.
Now run all the Gösta diesel always with the vitoljan EcoPar. The fuel, which is made up, and fackelgaser that would otherwise have gone to waste. As a measure, we have decided to implement in order to comply with our environmental policy, as well as to respond to the increasingly stringent demands of the authorities, and to all of our customers.
A significantly lower carbon emissions.
Hälsobesvären decrease significantly or disappear altogether.
Post, s.(k). the unregulated emissions reduced by 30% to 90% compared to the MK1 diesel fuel.
Nitrogen oxides are reduced by 5-25%.
Nitrogen oxides are reduced by up to 50%.
Non-toxic to aquatic organisms (gmos).

QUALITY policy

Göstas Truckuthyrning skall för sina kunder erbjuda en funktionsduglig och flexibel maskinpark och vårt arbete skall kännetecknas av en vilja till ständig förbättring.

Our strengths are

  • Well-trained and highly skilled forklift operators
  • Staff
  • The great punctuality
  • A high degree of flexibility in the hardware and uppdragsutförande
  • Custom services and custom machinery for high reliability
  • The sale of new and second-hand machines with well-known brands

We do to meet our clients ' demands and other demands

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