Hyra pallyftare med förare

Gösta pallet truck 

Pallet jack, also known as the this means hand trolleys, is one of the most essential elements for any business that deals with material management. The manual pallet jack is ideal for the fast and efficient handling of the heavy-duty pallets over short distances in stores and warehouse premises, both in height and across.Our pallet trucks are of the highest quality and is designed for the most diverse environments, industries, and sectors, whether it is on the grocery stores, large factories or workshops. With its enhanced gaffelkropp provide an improved lifting capacity and a long service life.


Gösta's Truck Rental primarily focuses on rental, but together with our owners at Truckpoolen Göteborg AB, we can also offer leasing and sales.

Our pallet trucks are designed and designed by operators, for operators. For anyone who knows more about the features that are needed, and how the optimal design looks like than the subjects themselves, as the day-to-day with them? Our pallet trucks are agile, fast, strong, and highly ergonomic machinery with a very tight turning radius, which makes them optimal for use in confined environments that require a high level of maneuverability.


Hos Göstas kan du även investera i begagnade pallyftare. Det är ett ekonomiskt och miljösmart alternativ och passar perfekt för nystartade eller växande företag som vill utveckla din verksamhet och fordonsflotta för att kunna bemöta de behov och krav de innehar.

Find out more about our second hand pallet truck, before they are sold or rented out, they'll first need to undergo our in-depth, quality and function testing. We do this in order to make sure that they are fully functional, and that each individual ingredient is safe.

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