Hyra ledtruck med förare

Gösta ledtruckar

Our ledtruckar, also referred to as the låglyft – will help you and your business, to become more productive and, at the same time, safer and more secure. On the day when we, ourselves, had to lift heavy loads and move them has long since passed, and workplace injuries that came with it as well.A ledtruck you to perform fast and simple, the horizontal movement of cargo and avlastningar, as well as the orderplock without having to risk your own health. Our ledtruckar is a very compact designs, high-quality, depending on the model, with a capacity of between 1-2 tons.

They are available in a variety of different models, either as a bredvidgående ledtruckar, or is equipped with a platform from which to stand or even sit on it.


Gösta's Truck Rental primarily focuses on rental, but together with our owners at Truckpoolen Göteborg AB, we can also offer leasing and sales.

To rent or to buy a ledtruck is the number one choice for businesses that are involved with material handling in the warehouse, the showrooms, and other similar buildings, with only a limited amount of space. Our ledtruckar hold a tight turning radius which makes them easy to operate, and designed for optimal visibility, as well as from ergonomics to ensure a comfortable and safe to use.


You can also buy or lease the second-hand ledtruckar from us. It is an economically and environmentally smart choice for new start-ups and growing companies to expand their businesses and fleets of vehicles, quickly and cheaply, in order to meet the demands and needs of those in possession.

När du köper en begagnad ledtruck från Göstas kan vi garantera att den är fullt funktionell och kommer fortsätta vara det i många år framöver. Innan vi väljer att sälja eller hyra ut en begagnad ledtruck genomgår den samma process samtliga begagnade maskiner vi säljer och hyr har genomgått. Vi utför en omfattande och noggrann kvalitets- och funktionskontroll av varje individuell komponent och funktion i våra maskiner för att säkerställa att den både är fullt funktionell och säker. Eventuella brister som upptäcks under vår kontroll åtgärdas genom att ersätta de bristfälliga komponenterna.

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